Kenya Safari Co.

Affordable bespoke Kenyan Safaris taylor-made to your exact requirements.
Bespoke Kenya Safaris by road - From Mombassa and Nairobi. Kenyan Safaris by air - From Mombassa
Bespoke Safaris through Tanzania

Kenya Safari Co. - Affordable bespoke Kenyan Safaris taylor-made to your exact requirements.

Introducing Kenya Safari Co.The Story behind the site by
John Griffiths.


The beauty of a holiday in Kenya is the magnificent spectacle of going on a bespoke safari. There are dozens of companies, hotels and individuals ready, able and willing to organize these once in a lifetime safaris for you. My personal safari experience was dramatically enhanced and I saved myself a lot of money by actually talking to the local people once I arrived in Kenya and organizing my safari trip to suit my families requirements.

For safaris "Talk to Bruno” was the advice I received from a lot of local Kenyans, so talk to Bruno was exactly what I did, talk about a cheaper safari, wow. Not only did I receive the exact safari to suit what I required, I chose the lodges, the duration, the vehicle and saved myself a considerable amount of cash over all the other trips I had been quoted. Kenya Safari Co. is a site purely set up to promote Bruno and help visitors to Kenya get a great deal whilst helping the local Kenyan population. I have been back 3 times now and only ever been exceptionally pleased with these great safaris. ~John Griffiths.

If you would like to e-mail or phone me about what to expect please feel free to do so. Alternatively if you would just like a great safari deal phone Bruno when you arrive in Kenya. He is willing to travel the length of the East coast of Kenya North of Mombassa. See the contact information page for all relavent details, or use our quick contact form (above right).

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About John Griffiths John Griffiths.
John Griffiths is a freelance professional photographer based in the UK. With a passion for fine art and indigenous African photography.

See his work on

Not The Usual Photography

When you visit Kenya all we suggest is that you talk to Bruno, you have everything to gain.


Some of the Worlds most powerful animals can be seen in Kenya.